Reseller Features

One best IPTV provides re-sellers private control panel with so many features!

Trial Accounts

Resellers can creat unlimited trial (24hours) account for free.


Monitor your clients and check their stats from panel.

Credits Basev

Easily you can add credits into your reseller account and creat new clients.


Download and make plugin for all devices by 1click.


You can easily renew your expired clients via reseller dashboard.


Delete, unban and write notes for each client.

MAG Device

Setup accounts for MAG devices.

24/7 Support

VIP support via Re-seller dashboard.

Reseller Signup

Shark IPTV Reseller program
1. The minimum for being reseller is 200€/credits.
2.We take once time 100€ to add credits and creat your brand new resller dashboard with many features.
3.Each duration of trial account is 24hours and resellers can creat unlimited trial accounts for free.
4.Payment methods: Bitcoin & Etherium
1€ = 1credit
Trial: €0,00
*1Month: 8credits
*2Months: 15credits
*3Months: 20credits
*6Months: 35credits
*9Months: 50credits
*12Months: 65credits

Create your own Brand and sell under your private label

With a few Simple Clicks

Represent your product based on your exclusive brand name and Logo. By setting a DNS with your own brand name, your Stream Hostname, EPG source, Picons as well as MAG portal address and Dashboard URL will be exclusive to your brand.